PST report on right-wing extremism in Norway

10. APR 2019 PST Utgivelse

In the autumn of 2016, PST published a report on the background of extreme islamists in Norway before they became radicalised. PST has now prepared a similar report on individuals connected to the extreme right-wing scene in Norway.

This report shows that there are several similarities between the members of the extreme right-wing circles in Norway and the members of the extreme islamist circles in Norway in terms of their background. These similarities include for instance weak labor market attachment, low educational level, drug abuse, and crime.

However, there are also differences. For example, individuals who are radicalised to right-wing extremism are in general of a higher age that individuals who are radicalised to extreme islamism. This applies especially to the anti-immigration and anti-Islam right-wing extremism.

The findings are based on background information (socio-economic characteristics) about individuals who are active in the extreme right-wing scene in Norway and are registered in PST´s records. The report also contains assessments of the findings relating to the threat picture and what can be escpecially important factors in our preventive efforts. 

Read and download the PST theme report: "What is the background of right-wing extremists in Norway?" by clicking here

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