Annual Threat Assessment 2019

In this annual open threat assessment, we present the most likely developments of the threat picture. We hope the readers of this assessment evaluate to which extent its content could have implications on their own activities and business, in view of the values they administer. By this threat assessment, which has become an essential part of our public communication, we aim at improving the understanding of the threats we are facing and at reducing existing vulnerabilities. 

06. feb 2019

Annual Threat Assessment 2018

In 2018, the threat situation in Norway is characterised by a number of complex challenges. The security policy development and its effects on close allies and adjacent areas will signicantly mark the threat situation. Moreover, a number of European countries are facing serious terrorist threats. These threats will in uence European counter terrorist work in the year ahead. 

14. feb 2018

Nasjonal trusselvurdering 2018

Trusselbildet vil i 2018 preges av en rekke sammensatte utfordringer. En stor del av trusselbildet vil formes av den sikkerhetspolitiske utviklingen og hvordan denne påvirker nære allierte og norske nærområder. I tillegg er flere europeiske land utsatt for alvorlige terrortrusler. Dette er trusler som vil prege europeisk kontraterrorarbeid gjennom det kommende året.

30. jan 2018

Nasjonal trusselvurdering 2017

Politiets sikkerhetstjenestes «Trusselvurdering 2017» er én av fire trussel- og risikovurderinger som utgis årlig. De øvrige tre utgis av Etterretningstjenesten, Nasjonal sikkerhetsmyndighet og Direktoratet for samfunnssikkerhet og beredskap.

10. okt 2017

Annual Threat Assessment 2017

The security policy situation in Europe and adjacent areas is now more uncertain and unpredictable than it has been for a long time. A number of European countries are facing economic, social and political problems that will in the next few years require substantial resources and considerable attention.

08. feb 2017

Annual Threat Assessment 2016

PST expects that the threats to Norway and Norwegian interests in 2016 will continue to form a complex and varied picture. Assessing future threats will involve reviewing large quantities of unverified information from many different sources.

09. feb 2016